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I cant seem to understand how to change the color of a link

Hello, i have tried for several hours to fix the color on my link at the page “kategorier template”

I can change text size, style and so on but i cannot change the color…

Can someone please help me?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

@Mikkel_Svensson You Have a parent class to you link. Try to change the color there
In your case you have a div block, give the class a name and style it

Hi, thanks for the answer, but it didnt seem to solve my problem. I tried giving the div block a class and styled that but here i cannot change anything. :frowning:

Do you have any other suggestions

Ok on my iPad now give me 10 mi

@Mikkel_Svensson Hej.

Change from Rich Text to text and it will work

Thanks again, But when i change it to “plain text” i cannot make it a link

Thinj like this
Div Block = Container
In you container plave ypur link (do not use rich Text


Take a look here

But when i put in a text block instad of rich text, and change my cms from rich text to just plain text, then i cant make it a link to begin with

Use text link not text my bad

One question are ypu getting al data from the Rich text field. Including the link?

No you are not my misstake. It should work the way i showed you

Im getting the data from a CMS page i made, called “indlæg” where there is just a header and a rich text field, but i cant acces it when i just make a text link

have you created a Rich Text Field for the link? If you have i suggest you change that field to text. Hang on will take a look.

Can’t se you CMS def in preview.

The stuff we are looking at now are showing data from “kategorier” the feld for the link seems to be a text field, right??

Ahh okay, no i can see everything from “kategorier” i created another CMS called “indlæg” which i cant see it when i try to link.

But i could that before, then the problem was i couldnt change the color.

You cannot edit the styling of Rich text when it is linked to CMS.
Follow the steps below to work it out.

  1. Create a rich text element elsewhere(temporarily).
  2. Give it a class name. Say “rich-content”.
  3. Enter all types of texts, image, captions and links you want in rich text.
  4. Select each type of text or links or any other. You can edit styling now in the style panel. Follow for detailed tutorial.
  5. Now use “rich-content” class (or whatever class you used previously) to the cms rich content.
  6. Now you can delete the temporary rich text element.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile: