Please help with changing color

Hello, i am new and still learning webflow. but I cant seem to find out to change some of the colors in my template.

The orange background in the card:

Orange on hovering over text:

This is preview of my site: Webflow - Follobyggservice

hi @Kristian_Pedersen here is how to

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Thanks alot :smiley:

Still unsure about this line also, how to change that? very difficult finding out how to edit stuff.

Hi @Kristian_Pedersen Iā€™m not on comp now but it looks to me as border over text element. Just select text element and check border section.

Thanks for your reply, unfortunatly i couldnt find it in borders. its some kind of animation as it turns into another color while also having a sliding effect when changing the color with the card

hi @Kristian_Pedersen here is the screenshot of where your element is.

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