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I can't remove a symbol without deleting the original work


I created a symbol with a whole section (but it was a mistake).
I only want to have a container from this section as a symbol.

My problem is : I can delete the symbol without deleting my original work.
Moreover, I can’t create the right symbol I want because I can’t create a symbol from a symbol.

For example, I want to delete the “intro” symbol


Best regards

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hey lemundibu,

I don’t exactly understand the problem. Can you not just unlink the symbols? And then you remap the symbols?

hello Nazrin,

I don’t know how to unlink the symbols.
Could you explain how to do it ? I was on similar topics on the forum but didn’t find the right way to do it

Hey, lemundibu

It’s easy, just right click the symbol while having it selected and go down to the bottom. You should see an unlink symbol option. Or you could select the symbol and press : Ctrl + Shift + A


Oooooh I didn’t see it before !

Thank you for your help ! :smiley:


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