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A Symbol bug deleted ALL OF MY interactions

Hello Webflow,

I have made this footer for my website which shall links to all the pages of my different works.
It took me quite a while to carefully make this box with interactions etc…

Chronology of the events:
when I turned my footer into a symbol in order to copy paste it on each pages, the interactions got totally damaged after copy pasting it… Basically one of the element would just remain visible while it was supposed to stay opacity 0%.

Then I decided to go back in time in order to stop “my mystake”, but… I could not do ctrl+z.

Then, when trying to unlike the symbol, it gave me a bug pannel for few tries “Webflow cannot save you site…”.

Finally, after 3 tries and a refresh of the page, my symbol was unliked, but then I realized that ALL OF MY INTERACTIONS HAB BEEN DELETED.



Link: Ready only

access to the footer :
Open Page Panel
go to : Craft Beer France
Bottom of the page Footer is here.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Have you tried reverting to a previous version? If you go to your project settings Webflow automatically stores previous versions of your site. You can revert to one of those and see if that fixes your problem.

Hey Modii,

Yes I know the reverse, and this it what I will do.
But first, I would like to know what happened before I go back in time.

This is a very big bug, and if that would have happened on project for a client,
that would have been more than a disaster.

This is why I would like to understand why it happened, and why the symbol bugged.
Because, I did symbols before, and copy pasting them did not destroyed the interactions I placed in them.

Thanks for the tip though.

Contact now.

Hey Vincent,

Merci. This will probably be the fastest.


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