I can't edit some sections in Designer

Hi everyone.

I am building my company’s website and I am trying to use the Horizontal Scroll layout that I saw here: https://youtu.be/05frGyjyZvE. My problem is that I can’t see the scroller in Designer, so I can’t access the sections starting with no.2. I am using Macbook + Safari. I tried Chrome too and I have the same issue. Same with trackpad vs. graphic tablet. Can you please check only the desktop version? I haven’t worked on the rest yet.

The text I added on section 3 was with copy paste from section 1, but it’s not optimal.


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I assume the interaction is working well, but your problem is to edit the sections easily, right? As per the structure put in place in the video, there is no way you can horizontally scroll with the mouse or tablet or trackpad. only the IX will mke the content scroll horizontally. (Because the horizontal section is actually bleeding outside of the viewport, and the browser scroll can only happen for the viewport.)

There’s an easy method to edit difficulty accessible content.

  1. Make sure your sections all have a div inside that contains all the content of the section. (.section-content for example).
  2. Then select each of those div after another in the Navigator, and make each of them a Symbol. Name the symbole Section1, Section2 etc.
  3. Create a page that you can call Section Dashboard. This isn’t a page meant to be public, it’s just a page for you to edit the sections content in the designer.
  4. Add your sections symbols in that page, one after another, they shoudl stack up nicely.
  5. to edit your section’s content, just go to the section dashboard page and double click on any symbol to edit a section. Publish aftr changes and check the published result.

Thank you for your help, Vincent.
Yes, the interactions are working. I will try to follow the steps and get back if I can’t manage.