I Can't Edit part of my navbar symbol

I am relatively new to Webflow design and have been working on a template for a website I am building that has a navbar at the top (static) and then a sticky navbar that appears lower down when you scroll. They are both connected to the Navbar symbol and when in standard Editor mode, only the components of the static bar are visible and accessible for me to edit the text.

How do I access the sticky navbar to edit the text?


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Thanks Jeff. Here is the link


Go to Dark Navigation symbol, double click to edit. Select “Navigation Static” in the Navigator. In the style panel set the display to none. In the Navigator select “Navigation Sticky” then in the style panel scroll down to effects. There is a transform that hides it by moving it -116 pixels effectively hiding it. Move your mouse pointer over the transform and click the eye icon to hide the transformation. The menu is now visible. Edit. Then reverse the steps by enabling the transform, and setting the “Navigation Static” element back to display flex. Done.

Thank you. That was very helpful

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