Nav bar is always highlighted in designer. Cannot edit text etc outside the nav bar on all pages

No matter what section of my project I select the Nav bar is always highlighted. Even when a section is selected in the Navigator or double-clicked it just chooses the nav bar to be edited. This is preventing me from editing any of the text etc.

Here is my site Read-Only: [[LINK][1]
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[1]:]( http://

Hi Jared,

I’m not sure why the Nav bar is covering the entire page (maybe someone else can chime in on that) but I found a solution for you in the meantime: Just hide the Nav bar, do your editing to the rest of the homepage, then unhide the Nav bar. Just make sure to set it back to the same display mode (in your case it’s the second from the left, Flex).

See the video below:

Hope that helps!

Thanks, Tyler! That gets me going again.

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Hey Tyler, Just wanted to say thanks again. You got me in the right direction. There was an overlay I placed on the screen that appears when the dropdown menu is activated but needs to be hidden while editing. Huge help!

Woot! Happy to help, Jared.

Life saver - this issue was driving me crazy.

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