I cancel accidentally my hosting plan

Hi, today i accidentally cancel mi basic hosting plan and now that i want to activated again, it says i have to pay again, and I acquired the plan three days ago. Somebody know if i can recover mi plan without pay again?
Please help

Hello @icarlosacevedo

If you cancelled your account before the period ending you will receive a refund for the time you didn’t use the plan, you can go ahead and purchase your plan again don’t worry.

Thank you a lot, you saved me! I was so worry
Do you know how many days it takes the refund?

A few days, I don’t know how many exactly, when I went through the same thing it took around 4-5 business days if I remember correctly.

Thank you a lot! I hope they refund all the payments i did. Because my son did three of them but i just one

You can contact the team through support@webflow.com or Webflow Customer Support | Webflow University to express your concerns.