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Account plan and hosting plan

Hi i just notice that i accidently have activated an account plan and a hosting plan, but i don’t know if i cancel mi account plan i will still have my hosting plan? and they will refund me the money from account plan? i have it activated for one month

thanks for the help

Hi @icarlosacevedo

Please contact support here:

I did but they don’t respond

Their support hours are Monday through Friday from 6am to 6pm PT

I just want to know if i cancel my account plan, I will receive a refund for the days left? because I activated a month ago
Please don’t answer “Contact the support” just tell me if i will receive the refund please


You can cancel your account and keep the hosting plan with a free account plan, but there’s no automatic refund. You’ll have to contact support.

Sorry for that.

Thanks for your help

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