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Hyperlinks not working in inline paragraph text

Hiya, I’m a newb so this is probably painfully obvious but my outbound hyperlinks aren’t working. On the editor side, it couldn’t be any easier to install, but on the live page, in the inspector (and I don’t super know what I’m looking at, to be 100% fair) it looks wrong- and also just doesn’t work. Oh, The links also don’t work in preview mode either.

Any thought would be an enormous help! Thanks a million!

Welcome to the community @Matthew_Reinhold!

Can you confirm the issue persists in an incognito window with all extensions disabled? I took a peek at the About page in your read-only link and I have no problem visiting the “college” in-paragraph link or the email link. The “helpful” link appears to have a # which is preventing the link from opening, but removing that fixes the issue.

I took a peek at your staging site page ( and it looks like your “college” link hasn’t been updated (just showing a #)—can you try republishing the site? I’d also recommend you remove the leading # on the “helpful” link as well, however I can see that the URL looks to be appropriate outside of that extra character.

Mike! First off :man_facepalming: !! Thank you so much. I knew it would be something painfully easy that I was overlooking. I wonder why that # is a real character and not place holder/ghost text? Anyway- lifesaver! Everything seems to be working now. Thanks again.

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