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Site is broken when previewing

When I click preview, certain elements on my site get pushed around and do not look the way they should… seems to be heading and paragraph elements in particular.

How can I fix this?

Please post both your read only link and published site so that we can have a look.

All your paragraphs have a left margin of -67px. Remove it.

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Sorry, look at this particular page:

my buttons, headings, and some paragraphs keep shifting when I preview. I have removed all margins and padding on some elements and they still don’t work properly.

Please update your read-only - you said you removed the margins but all -67 margins are still on the paragraph elements as far as I can see.

Also please make screenshots of all the elemetns that are being affected. i cannot notice any buttons or headings being shifted, only paragraphs.

OK, thank you. Just to note: it is best to always tell which page you are referring to when talking about problems to make things easier and avoid confusion.

First of all: get rid of all your large negative margins that I see on a lot of elements. Do not use them to put content in place, learn about positioning to make sure you are doing everything correct in the future.

edit: to add to the above - remove all the margins that you are using to position elements, be it negative or positive. Just do not do positioning this way or you will always end up with layout problems.

For items to be grouped together they have to reside in the same containers, that is the reason your icons and their titles are all over the place - they are not connected in any way.

These two problems are the main culprit of all the layout misfortunes you are having. I strongly suggest you to take a brief (or even better - full) course over at University, the tutorials for Webflow are some of the best I’ve ever seen for any software honestly.

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