Unable to link to an internal page in a CMS RTE field

Hi guys - first time posting in the forum, let me know if additional info would help.

We’re experiencing a bug in the Webflow editor. When trying to link to an internal page in a CMS Rich text element field, I can see the appropriate page in the Designer, but when trying to do the same thing from the Editor I can’t see the specific page I want to link to (see screenshots).


@matthewpmunger @aaronocampo - any ideas?
Thank you

A lot of things breaking in the editor recently,
I have a few bugs in the queue.

Here’s a workaround on this one if you need it.

Links in rich text elements don’t actually store any link information other than the URL.
With link elements, if you change the target page slug, the link is updated.

With rich text, they won’t, they’ll 404 ( unless a redirect is added ).

This means the page pick list in rich text links is really just a convenience. You can open a new incognito window ( CTRL+SHIFT+N ) and find the page you want on your site, and copy the path to do a direct link instead. It’s not as convenient but it’s the same end result in your rich text.

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Make sure your page that you want to link to is published and not in ‘Draft’ mode otherwise you won’t see it.

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