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Huge gap showing up at the bottom of website in different displays! Please help!

There is a huge gap at the bottom of my website in certain displays (mainly laptops). Not really sure what to do. I attached a picture and read only link. Thanks

Here is my site Read-Only:

@irbrandonl could you share the link to the published website? The read-only is helpful but since this issue seems to happen on the published site, we’d need to look at that as well.

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Hey Sarah!

Thanks for the response. So I used a temporary fixed and changed some elements to 110VH. In my opinion it is still a little messy and probably not the best fix. Any advice on the design would be appreciated. I know the circle is probably a little to big but I wanted it to resemble something like this

Published site link:

@irbrandonl could you share the read-only link again? The one you shared in your first post is broken. This can happen when you change the name of the website so just copy it again from the link provided in the designer and I can take a look.

This is the first website is Home and the second one I created is Home2. Trying to figure out designs for both. Please let me know what can be changed or added! I am still learning so any advice is great. The person I am creating it for just needs a form, about us, and her picture.

@irbrandonl I like the colors! You do have an issue with the height of your site, it’s now being cut off at the bottom of the website and you can’t scroll down.

This could be because of an ‘overflow: hidden’ being applied or the view height you applied. I prefer not using VH for fixing issues, for one, now I can’t figure out what was causing your issue in the first place :slight_smile: .
Design-wise, I would want to add a bit more white space on the left side. Between the image, the about me heading and the text below. That makes it more pleasant to read. Another thing would be to change the size of the headings on the right. Right now, it’s not instantly clear what this person does. The biggest/boldest text should be the main message on the page. Also, make that the h1 heading vs the ‘about me’.