Gaps between sections

Hi all,

I hope I chosed right category to post. I am relatively new to Webflow.

I used a template to start my first page in Webflow but I have changed it a lot.
But with the template I noticed that my sections had a gap between them but I could not figure out WHY. There were no margins, I did not find that gap set anywhere in settings.

Now I have changed most elements in my advancing design, but still sometimes I get the GAP.
Cannot figure out where does it come from. It drives me crazy.

Also, my design displays left alighned when viewed on large screens and large breakpoint in the designers. Have no idea WHY.

Could anyone help with these dummy questions, please!

In the read only link the gaps are on the Bottom of the hope page between “Contact” and botton element, and between “Contact” and home page section on the 1920 and up breakpoint.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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found the gap betweet sections in this page too (on large breakpoint)

It seems like your Grid 6 has a bottom margin of 40px:
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Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for much for taking a look. That gap is not the problem.
A added the screenshot with the ones that I cannot remove.

I have this same issue now, was this ever resolved for you @mira1 ?