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HubSpot Chatbot within Webflow

Is it possible to build a chatbot in HubSpot and use it in Webflow? If not, is it possible to have a chatbot from another integration send information to HubSpot?

For example, if I built a chatbot in Drift, can I have a form at the end send information to HubSpot?

P.S. This would be an A.I. chatbot, not a live chat.


Hey @Gads , have you looked into Zapier or Integromat integrations?

I have explored Zapier before and haven’t been able to find a solution for my situation. I just looked into Integromat and it seems like a more ideal candidate for what I’m looking for.

I’ll watch some tutorials and see if I can make it work, thanks for the suggestion!

If anyone has a clear answer though, I would be very appreciative!