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How to integrate Webflow Forms with Zoho CRM

Hi, keen to understand if it’s possible to connect forms from Webflow with Zoho CRM - I’ve built this website for my client and he wants the data to populate into preferably Zoho CRM but if not any other recommendations.

Thank you!

Hi Alex,

I was able to successfully integrate a native Webflow form with Zoho CRM using Zoho Flow (Zoho’s integration solution); however, there are two important point to note.

  1. Zoho Flow is a paid service. If your client is not paying for Zoho One (all inclusive plan), they will need to pay extra for Zoho Flow.

  2. Zoho CRM assignment rules cannot be triggered for Leads that are created via a Zoho Flow integration. I am currently in search for workarounds/alternative solutions here, so if anyone has any smart ideas, please send them my way.

Thank you,


Hey @Alex_Buckley Michaela from Integromat here :wave:

Seems like there’s no native solution to this so far. If you’re ok with incorporating third-party services into your workflow, you could check out Integromat. It’s a no-code automation platform that lets you connect Webflow to 750+ apps and services and to any public API.

If curious, you can have a look at the integration pages of both Webflow and Zoho CRM to see the currently available triggers, actions, and pre-made templates :nerd_face: