Hubspot App: Connected Forms Failing to Submit

Hey all!

I was stoked to hear that the Webflow x Hubspot app was out! Making it easy to link forms from Webflow to Hubspot. However, I’ve had some trouble trying to connect the two successfully.

When trying to get the forms to work I’ve tried two options.

Mapping the Webflow form to a Hubspot form:

  • This doesn’t seem to work, the submission says “thank you received” but nothing actually comes through Hubspot and the page then refreshes. I believe I’ve mapped the fields all correctly, but I’m sure I’m missing something simple somewhere aha.

Adding existing Hubspot form to Webflow:

  • This generates the form on the page fine, but when I try the form out, it says “Form Submission Failed” and no other information is given. (Currently this is at the bottom of the page linked below)

Also, not sure if this is a sign of a problem, but each time I launch the Hubspot app it asks me to re-authenticate the Hubspot integration.

Any advice/insights would be much appreciated! Ideally, I would be able to connect our existing form with a Hubspot form directly!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - VXT

Live Staging Link with both forms (currently unstyled): TEST PAGE

@TommyNZ - if you look at the form submission in the network log you will see the following error response from HubSpot:

    "status": "error",
    "errorMessage": "Form '%s' can't receive API submissions as Captcha (SPAM prevention) is enabled.",
    "inlineMessage": "Form Submission Failed"

I believe this is coming from captcha being enabled on the HubSpot side. You can view this HubSpot forum post for more information:

Ah this is excellent! I will have a look and see if that can solve the issue :slight_smile:

Update: Just went in and turned off the captcha on the Hubspot end and looks like it’s working! Thanks again :slight_smile: