Issue Integrating HubSpot Form with Captcha using Webflow's New "Apps" Feature

I’m trying to integrate a HubSpot form into my Webflow site using the new “Apps” feature. My HubSpot form contains a CAPTCHA for security purposes.

When I attempt to add the HubSpot form via the “Add existing HubSpot form to your page” option within Webflow, the integration doesn’t work properly because of the CAPTCHA. It appears that Webflow requires the CAPTCHA to be inside a form element, but since the CAPTCHA is already a part of the HubSpot form, it’s causing an issue.

I tried a workaround by creating a Webflow form and embedding the HubSpot form within it. However, this causes another problem. When the form is submitted, it triggers Webflow’s native form handling and ends up creating a new form inside my HubSpot account instead of populating the original one.

Has anyone encountered this issue or found a way to resolve it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Hey @juandinella and welcome to the forum!

reCAPTCHA in Webflow won’t work with forms using a third-party action.

I’m not sure how possible it would be with the hubspot form, but you could try the Honeypot method: testing-honeypot - Webflow

It does look like Hubspot may also have some native reCAPTCHA support: Prevent spam form submissions

I’m not sure if these are supported in the Hubspot App however.

Thanks for the reply @jonohale . Yes, Hubspot has a native reCAPTCHA that’s what I need to use, but isn’t working on Webflow. Even though I have it on Hubspot isn’t showing on Webflow

I’m having this same issue too. It seems that the Hubspot reCAPTCHA option isn’t supported through the webflow app, and it’s unfortunate because it’s through a third party so it’s difficult to get support. I’ve been trying to find a workaround but so far nothing’s been successful.

Hi @beccasass,

Thanks for the feedback, just a couple of quick points to note,

  • This is a limitation in the APIs made available to us by HubSpot and we have flagged it with them for improvement
  • In the interim, we recommend using a custom code block and the HubSpot form embed script if the form uses Recaptcha
  • A feedback mechanism has been added to the App to make sure you are aware of this workaround before you embed a form as shown below


I am myself looking forward to improvements and updates, thanks for sharing and the feedback.


Thank you so much for this response! I really appreciate it. Looking forward to the updates to come!

I hope this may be of interest to folks here: We ran into the same problem sending data from Webflow to GoHighLevel and I realized I could create a general solution that could work for everyone.

See my post here:

This would allow you to keep the Webflow aesthetic while forwarding to any backend you choose. I’m still working on billing and accounts for my solution, but would love to gather feedback.