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HTML 5 Digital Ads

I have been playing around with Webflow to see if I could create digital HTML 5 ads. It seems to work except some of the .js files are large causing some of our ad servers to say that it isn’t compatible.

Is webflow considering going this route? Similar to Google Web Designer? I think you guys could own the market if you did.



Not sure which JS files are causing problems for which ad servers, but Webflow should work just fine for most VAST ad units. If you can share more details I’d be curious to see if there are some simple tweaks we can make

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I am asking the ad server tech rep to send me a detailed email to why that file would not work. As soon as I get that email I will paste it here @brryant so you can see what it is he had to say.


I believe the Webflow file wouldn’t work because there was no way for us to incorporate our API into the files.

-Response from the ad agency we use. @brryant

That’s what the custom code fields and embed code components are for.