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Exported CSS/JS too large for AdWords etc. — What to do?

I know that this issue has been on the wishlist – but it has been there for a loooong time, so forgive me for asking again… :slight_smile:

Webflow is just too inviting to be used for creating HTML5 banner ads. However, the size limit that Google, as well as majority of other servers require is 150 kB. The initial size of the exported, minimized CSS and JS files, without any other resources, exceeds this size, as soon as even a simple interaction/animation is used.

Is there any reasonable workaround to this, or is Webflow, at the time being, not the tool to use for this purpose?

Thank you

Hi @Pataka

Webflow wasn’t really meant to create HTML5 banner ads. The CSS and JS that is exported includes our framework and scripts that makes interactions/animations happen.

You may be more interested in this:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Nelson! Yes, I have been giving it a try for a few hours… :slight_smile: I just like to leave Webflow as little as I have to… :smiley: