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Href prefix - large site

Re: Href prefix -

Is it possible to build a large site (that might exceed dynamic/static page limits) using Webflow’s href prefix? It would be constructed like this…

Each of the above would be hosted with a separate Webflow account.

I’m aware this principle can be applied to subdomains, but I’m wondering if this can apply to subdirectories as illustrated above.

Any information you provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

So how would you set up hosting?

Thank you Jeff for your response.

Through Webflow. I’ve heard this is possible with subdomains (see: Subdomain & different site). Is it possible with subdirectories?

No. When you bind a custom domain to a project’s hosting that would be it. You can’t use the identical subdomain for different sites. You can use subdomains like for each site. Just gets expensive and they are all separate and that is hard to manage.

If I had to build large sites with multi-language features I would choose a different solution that natively supports it. Webflow doesn’t. A couple of my favorite others do.

Thanks Jeff. I appreciate the response.