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Want to delete or transfer my project?

Hey, when I first started with Webflow, I got breakpoint happy and added a bunch of unnecessary breakpoints. They have made designing really frustrating, and my design constantly looks different on my ultra wide monitor and my laptop monitor. So I spend an obscene amount of time nudging, switching breakpoints, nudging, switching breakpoints, and so on until I finally find something that just barely works on my monitor and my laptop screen.

I am mid way through my website redesign and I honestly just want to kinda start over? I would prefer to just delete to breakpoints, but that isn’t really an option. Is there a way to start a new project, transfer my current styling, and transfer my domain and site plan?

If not all, are any of these things possible? I would really like to stop dealing with these breakpoints.

Also, is there a better way to combat the changing aspect ratio? For example, when I preview on my monitor, one screen has way too much white space and is not really distributed evenly. But on my Macbook, the same page is overflowing into the section below. I am currently designing every screen in 100vh for a full screen look for each section of every page.

Not sure if that made sense, or if anyone can help, but I would really appreciate that.

Hey @IDesignStuff, because your design is based on fullscreen adaptability and not restricted to a container, I would recommend taking a look into Wizardry technique by Timothy Ricks.

You can click here to watch a video that showcases the setup and use case of this technique.

There really is no way to delete breakpoints, I would try to implement Wizardry and just work on the Base Desktop Breakpoint. As for transfer of domain/site plan, it is definitely doable but does require the involvement of the Webflow Support team.