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CMS,categories and product template

I am new to Webflow and I am creating my own e-commerce.
On the product template, I would like to put images of the other it which have the same design theme, the problem is that my product is in two different categories (design theme and name of my object example: wedding invitation) , I filtered them (categories, contains, all current product categories) and my product collection shows me the products of other categories so, I filtered again (categories, contains, category name) but when I change my products (product collection), fatally they no longer follow in accordance with the same collection item.
I created the cms template and the category template but I want to apologize because I don’t know how and when to use them exactly on my product model page.
I followed weblow university on the subject, but it applies to the blog, I find it hard to apply them in my e-commerce
Do you have a solution to offer me please?
Thank you

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