How to use Webflow to host parts of your site

Hi! I have a vue.js application running on firebase hosting, and I want to use Webflow to build marketing campaigns, homepage, and blog. But I want to have everything under the same domain for SEO reasons.

mydomain/about ==> WebFlow
mydomain/blog ==> WebFlow
mydomain/*rest ==> Vue.js

Is there a possible solution to have this approach?

Hi Jesus,
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You can use the 301 redirects from any url (under your project) to any other url on the web.

Hi thank you for the answer!

301 redirects bring you to a different domain, What I want to do is to mask it and keep it in the same domain, so it doesn’t redirect. It is more a “rewrite” but from a different domain. Do you think that is possible?


301 can redirect to the same domain as well.

I am not sure I understand your needs. Can you re phrase? or illustrate?

If you self hosted the site; yes.

Sorry for the confusion!

the idea is that i can host my app made with vuejs under the domain
but is a web made in webflow. But the domain doesn’t redirect to but it stays in It is a bout rewriting the url, not redirecting.

does’t it make sense?

This topic might help clarify what I said;

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thank you guys, I am afraid that to achieve something like this is not possible without a custom running server with nginx or apache to mask domains.

Actually, I recently achieved this on our site by using Cloudflare Workers to route specific URL patterns to the Webflow servers. Let me know if you have any questions, you can check out the guide I wrote here:

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Hey Jesus,

If you didn’t already use the Cloudflare solution, my cofounders and I got this working on a Rails app with a reverse proxy Rails gem. If you look at, it’s Webflow. The rest of the site is Rails. If you’re not on Rails, I imagine there’s a similar way to do it on that app.

The Webflow resource for how to do this is here -

That said, the Cloudflare Workers solution wasn’t in place when we did it. It looks promising too.

Hope you get this straightened out.