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How to add a second/sub nav bar that is pertinent to each page

I would like to add a second nav bar under the one I already have. I would like for it to be in exactly the same place on every page but the options will change based on the page the user is on.

Here is my public share link: LINK

Try adding another navbar component under your current one.

That is, of course, the first thing I tried.
Unfortunately as I am new to Webflow I am not sure how to have a second navbar that will be on every page, but will change sections depending on which page it is. Could I possibly get a more detailed answer?

Thank you.

Unfortunately as I am new to Webflow

No problem! :slight_smile: Welcome to the community! :smiley:

I tried adding a second navbar under the first and was successful. Are you able to do this on your end?

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Yes, I can add the nav bar. How do I make it stay in the same place on each page, but the links change :smile:


I have created my navbar on a test page

I have got the style right, but now I would like it to appear on each page (in the exact same place!).
I would also like to be able to change the links while keeping the identical position and style.

Could you please explain to me how to do this? (Pretend I am a 5 year old!)

Thank you!

Try copying that navbar then pasting it in another page in the same place (under the main navbar). Then change the links within it. :smile:

I did that. It didn’t work.

But I think I am figuring it out slowly… working on it now.

I do have another question though, hoping I can ask it in the same thread. Whenever I go to preview mode, and I click my different menu options (on the default nav, not my new one) I go from home to about without a problem, but then from the about page, the links stop working.

It seems like a glitch but it could just be something I did along the way???

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