Upload full coded website onto Webflow Server

Hi everyone,

My client has an active plan for a website which is designed and hosted in Webflow. For a once-time event, an artist group coded a site in html, css and js. This should now be integrated into the website as a subsite. So I link it on the regular site (test.com), and it takes me to the new subsite (test.com/subsite).

Is there a possibility / tutorial on how to host complete code files and link them with webflow?
I found a lot on custom code snippets, but not much on the process of uploading it all from scratch.
Thank you!

You did not find anything because uploading a built site is not supported. What you could do is upload your completed site to a web host, create a subdomain for it, and then redirect traffic to that folder to the external subdomain.

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Alright, that helps greatly. Thanks Jeff!