Adding Google Drive as a source for video


I would like to use Google Drive to host and playback videos for my Webflow site.

With that in mind, I came across this code that uses the custom embed element.

<video class="gdriveVideo" preload="auto" width="100%" height="Auto" controls>

<source src="*YOUR-VIDEO-ID-HERE*" type='video/mp4'>


The issue here for me is that I would like to embed videos into a CMS Collection element. But as can be seen in the code above, the URL requires a unique ID (i.e. id=YOUR-VIDEO-ID-HERE).

I would like to input the unique URL/id’s in the product database per product item and then link the id part of the URL (i.e. id=YOUR-VIDEO-ID-HERE) to the unique URL in the product database.

How do I get this to work?


Webflow’s HTML embed element allows you to insert fields from the CMS.

You can simply place it inside of the Collection List or Collection Page which references your video collection, and then reference that field where it says *YOUR-VIDEO-ID-HERE*