Zapier: New Youtube video > Create live item


My client has a Webflow site and an active Youtube channel.

They have asked for their ‘News’ page (on their Webflow site) to update when there is a new video uploaded to their Youtube channel.

I have automated this task with Zapier so that when the client uploads a Youtube video, Webflow creates a new CMS item with the Youtube URL.

The issue is; the CMS custom field: ‘Video link’ doesn’t load the video when Webflow pulls in the data. Only when I manually come into the CMS collection and re-load the Youtube URL.

Although I have a feeling this is a CMS bug, any advice on how to get the CMS ‘Video link’ field to register a Youtube URL pulled in by Zapier, would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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Not a bug. It’s just not a feature. Videos trigger an integration with embedly that only happens through the designer, not via CSV imports nor the API. If you used custom code to handle video and not a video field it might be doable.

Thanks Jeff!

That’s some very useful info right there.

My solution:

  1. Create embed block with a youtube embed code
  2. Replace the source in the embed with the dynamic video ID pulled in from Zapier: e.g. src="[UNIQUE YOUTUBE ID]

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