How to upload images per user and allow them to make a selection

Hi friends,

Not sure I’m posting this in the right category. However, I’m stuck with the following.

A photographer client of mine wants to have a membership functionality on her website. She wants to create accounts for her clients, on which she can add a bunch of photos and send out the user information so they can login and make selections of the photographs they want to receive from her.

I know this is pretty much not doable natively (for now), but what other tools could I use to achieve this. Any ideas?


IMHO Photoshelter, smugmug, etc… are much better choices for a photographer. I am one.

Hey webdev, thanks for your reaction.
Do you mean as an alternative for Webflow on its own or as an addition?

Alternative. Webflow does not provide features needed by Pro Photographers with clients. You are severely limited using assets which you can’t protect. There are plenty of other reasons if you did deep enough.