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Custom customer store and multiple product selection

Hi guys, I have a client who takes wedding photos and they’ve requested a fairly complex and layered e-commerce solution for their clients to purchase wedding photos from them. Let’s see if I can explain it well:

  • They want the customer to use a code to get to a page with just the photos for that client’s wedding (I figure that individualized pages with passwords could be substituted?)
  • Once on the page, 60ish photos taken of that wedding will appear. They want the client to be able to select 30 photos they want, and for each selection after that, charge by the photo. I assume this is far too complicated for Webflow, but perhaps someone might have an idea for a workaround? I’m thinking that each photo could be added to cart and priced individually.
  • They also want options for variants (cups, coasters, etc) on each photo. I think this could be simply done with the current variant functionality. However, they also want the client to be able to select custom photos for something like a calendar. I’m not sure how to accomplish this.

Let me know if you guys have any ideas for solutions with Webflow, but I’m also open to other solutions or integrations if possible. Thanks!

As a photographer and long time developer, I would not consider Webflow suitable for this project.

You might want to have the client look at offerings that are designed for professional photographers. Smugmug was the choice I made years ago. Now reinforced by the acquisition of Flickr.

That’s what I figured. Thanks for your response, webdev. The main thing I’m struggling with then is the idea that they want to offer the client 30 photos (digital) for free, and after that charge per photo. Do you think smugmug would support something like this?

You should hit them up on pre-sales. They are photographers so they know the business.

Hi @jpatt0n.
Like @webdev mentioned, Webflow may not be the best tool for this. That said, if you don’t find what you need, I’m pretty sure what you’re after could be accomplished with Foxy and Webflow. Feel free to reach out and we can walk you through things.


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