How to upload a video?! No

Guys what’s the best way to upload a video to a webpage. Don’t want to use Youtube or Vimeo players. In fact uploading to Youtube or Vimeo is not a problem. I just want to be able to style the video player.

Any tips? Thanks in advance :pray:

Webflow only supports uploading background videos in the designer. A frequent solution to your problem is for for you to upload the video to a third-party CDN, website, or file sharing service that supports videos. Then use the <video> element in a custom code embed and add CSS to style it the way you want.

<video>: The Video Embed element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN (


If you’re looking for a player that is compatible with YouTube, try plyr.js.

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Thanks for suggestions. I assume Webflow doesn’t have plugin marketplace like Bubble does to add custom video player directly? :eyes:

Looks good. Sadly, I’m not proficient with code. Any tips how would I do it? :pray:

Indeed, Plyr.js is an excellent choice. Plyr.js is quite lightweight, accessible, and highly customizable player library. I recommend you give it a try. Their official website has plenty of tutorials. However, before diving in, I suggest analyzing whether Plyr.js meets your requirements in terms of style and functionality.

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@Marcellus_Metz I’m on “plyr . io” and don’t see any tutorials there. If I should be on any other URL please link it here :pray:

I was also recommended to use Flowplay. Seems like a customizable video player for Webflow. Yet have to look into the details. Do you guys have any experience with this? :face_with_monocle: @memetican @webdev

Plyr.js is free and relatively easy to implement.
The site has all of the details, if you need pro help, you can click my name to send me a message.

I don’t know what Flowplay offers, but it appears to have a much higher cost for the Youtube, Vimeo and CMS support.

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