For Product CMS, is there a way to upload videos that aren't links?

I’m trying to add custom videos for over 20 products, but I’m unable to find a way to upload unique videos other than by adding a youtube link.

What I want is to upload an automatically playing video that isn’t a link. Right now, I’m forced to use a youtube video link which is ugly. Rather, I want a automatically playing video as soon as people scroll down. For example, I want Video A to play on Page A, and Video B to play on Page B.

I know I can do this on a regular page, but I want unique videos on EACH of my products. Because webflow product pages are all connected, if I upload a unique background video…then it gets applied to all my product pages.

What I want is something like this: 리만코리아 공식 온라인 몰
Please help.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hey Joseph,

One popular way is to upload the videos to a Vimeo paid plan, and then you’ll have access to direct video-hosting links. If you search the forums and made-in-webflow cloneables, you’ll find some references on this.

Another approach some use is to host the videos in Dropbox.

But a much better solution would be to store them on a proper video provider, or just upload the files to Netlify or S3 and deliver them from there.

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