How to specify each form subscription

Hello webflow community, hope you are doing well,

We recently migrated from wordpress to webflow, 90% of our clients our coming from our website, reaching us with the form subscription. Every time we receive a form subscription in our emails the subject is “new form submission”, and we would love if it was actually “brands name” (the first field in our form).

Is it possible to do that? How should I do it?

Thank you in advance

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First off, welcome! Hope things are going well since the switch from Wordpress.

I think it’s an all or nothing sort of deal :thinking: You can show “all” of the form data using:

{{formData}} (A list of all of the form fields in the submission)

Found that info here.

One other idea you could consider… if you’re familiar with tools like Zapier or, you could trigger a Zap on the form submission, and send yourself an email with a specific form field in the subject. I think that’s what I would do here.

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