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How to send form submission details to an email address

I’ve set up for my client to get a notification that there’s a form submission. Is there a way then to automatically send her the details of the form - the who, contact info and serviced requested?

I strongly recommend that you read through the Webflow University resource at this link:

In particular, I believe that the “Submissions” section should contain the answer to your question, in conjunction with this page:

Best of luck :slight_smile:

i also recommend you to visit :blush:

Thanks, but I’ve already gone through the submissions section at webflow university and can’t find information on this.

I figured it out. For those looking to do this, in the EMAIL TEMPLATE section Under FORM NOTIFICATIONS:

add this: {{ formData }}

So the section could look like this:

You just received a new from submission from

{{ formData }}

Ahh sorry, I misread your initial question and thought you were essentially asking how to set the Form settings up overall. Glad you got it sorted.

P.S you may also want to change the website that you linked to “xxx…” - I don’t recommend clicking that link at work!

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