How to set up MyAccount-Page where logged in User gets personal Data from Airtable via Integromat?

Hi All!
I am very new to Webflow, but it looks like a good tool.
I was watching a bunch of tutorial videos on youtube but i didn’t find an answer to this question:

Is it possible to set up a “MyAccount”-Page for my Clients where they get specific User-Data that ist stored in Airtable via Integromat/Zapier?

Scenario: We are a Market that is selling goods on commission. People bring us their stuff and we sell it. When it is sold, they get their commission-split.

What I want to build:

  • Clients can sign up to create their log in, to have access to their own “MyAccount”-Page to see what comission-products are sold, how much money they have made and so on…

I know how to build this with Bubble/Airtable/Integromat but i can’t figure out if it possible to do it with Webflow. Reason to use Webflow is SEO & design (i come more from the designer side).

What I don’t want:
Showing a embedded Airtable element in iframe is not an option beacuse the data should appear in our frontend design. And the data should be only recieved by the specific user (data privacy).

I would be very happy if someone can help me with this!
Is it possible and if yes: How?

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Hi @peoplemarket!

If I’m understanding correctly, this should definitely be possible. You can use a tool like Memberstack to create “myaccount” pages in Webflow.

You can then use Whalesync to sync data from your Airtable base to your Webflow CMS. Once the data is in your Webflow CMS, you can use filters in Webflow to control which pages show which data.

Let me know if any of that is confusing and happy to expand on it!