How to set up a subdomain using Route 53

I have an existing project but need to create a subdomain that will have separate pages. According to webflow, you need to create a new project and set up domains from there. I have done that.

With Route 53, you need to use hosted zones to create records for a subdomain.

You need to take the name server values of the SUBDOMAIN zone ( and create an NS record with subdomain as the record name and the name servers as the values on the MAIN zone (

So, following the directions from webflow I need to add a CNAME with the value


  • I cannot add the CNAME to the SUBDOMAIN zone because if I add a value it would be
  • I cannot leave the value blank because it conflicts and cannot be at the “apex” level
  • I cannot add the record to the MAIN zone because it conflicts with an existing record with subdomain (the NS record)

Any advice on how to handle this?

Confirming I am still lost here.