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How to send id page in form cms from cms page?

Please tell me if the form is installed on the СMS collection page, how to send it along with the item id form of the page on which the form is located.

Form will to send for api. (zapier or integromat )

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Hi there :wave:

You can add an Embed form to your Dynamic page with a hidden field, that will send your CMS data when the form is submitted.

Add the Embed widget to your Form on a dynamic page.

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This is how it looks when you add Dynamic data to your fields.

Here is the input you need.

<input type="text" name="Custom form" value="Add some text and dynamic values here">

You can then hide the embed, so the form is not shown. When you test it out, you will see the different kind of data that can be sent.

Here’s one I created a while back that is cloneable so you can see how it was done.

Hope that helps!