How to run freelance business with webflow

I am just beginning to use
webflow. I am a little confused as to how I would run my business using Webflow. Here is why:
Previously I used Godaddy web hosting. I offered my clients free hosting, email, with site design.
Now with Webflow I would have to set up a separate account. So with the separate account will I be able to offer the same benefits that I have with Godaddy?

Depends on what your client needs. I run a webflow business and I have had customers who come to me and have been offered that in the past but I simply tell them from the start if they need any backend features than hosting will start at $12 up to $16 for CMS. With Webflow it can be hard to offer seperate hosting options unless you have extensive development knowledge and can export the code then develop your own backend. If you own the domain they are using though which you should not. SHOULD NOT. I cannot stress that enough. then you can help them setup their own email with their domain provider. I find this is a more reliable solution and builds further trust with clients. 90% of my clients come to me because i write a contract signing everything over because in the past no other web designer has and then they get screwed over if they want to hand it off to another designer or developer. Let me know if that answers your questions! Would be happy to help you switch your workflow onto webflow :slight_smile: I would also highly recommend you take a look at the freelancers journey that webflow has created.

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Wow great info noonmoon. There is so much for me to learn I am coming from Adobe Muse it seems that webflow has a steep learning curve. I am just taking a few steps at a time. Thanks so much for your advice and taking the time to answer. Sorry for the late response.