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Form Data Capture & Redirect

Hi All, I have a standard Webflow form on my site and I’m using and a redirect URL with the GET method to pass the form variables through the URL to a third party site. The issue is that I’d also like to capture the form data on my end as well. Webflow allows you to do one or the other but not both (collecting form data and passing it through the redirect URL). Has anyone found a workaround for this?


Hello @monty2600

Have you tried

Thanks, Aaron. I have tried Zapier but my understanding is that I can only capture form submissions and route them elsewhere but if I want to push the form data into the URL I have no way to capture that information using Zapier. If you have used it successfully to pull from a URL that would be great!

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

I want to capture form data from a user and when they hit submit, I want to capture it for myself in a CSV file and I want to pass the data through to a redirect URL of a third party. For example, here ( once the user fills in the data and clicks submit, they are redirected and the data is sent via URL to But if I redirect in the URL, Webflow doesn’t currently allow me to capture that as well.

Quick update - I utilized this forum post: (Zapier integration not working when using another form action) to use custom script to trigger zapier and can redirect but when I try to pass the form data it’s undefined. Any tips on how to define the data?

More info below. I’d like to pass all the form variables into the URL when passing on. I’m trying with just email at the moment but getting an ‘undefined’ in the URL. Any ideas?

Here are my form settings:

And here is my custom script:

And here is the redirected URL:

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