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Zapier Integration

Is there any way to integrate with Zapier?

Zapier is like a “middle man” app that once you integrate with, makes it seamless to integrate with hundreds of other apps.

For example once Zapier is hooked up to a web form, it can automate easily adding form submissions to your email provider, or perhaps sending an automated SMS to the new lead, or signing them up for a webinar - etc. Doing this manually inside of webflow is very tedious. With the one integration, we could instead automate hundreds of integrations with various products/services.

Is this something the team at Webflow can look into? For marketers, this would be very good.


Hi @krzysiek - this is something that we’ve thought of. We’ll take a look at how to hook up form submissions to Zapier!


Awesome! Glad to hear that this is something you’ve thought of before!

Perhaps the easiest way to do this would be to see if Zapier will allow you to send form data via a specific URL in the “form action” part of the Webflow form. Then on Zapiers end we could just set up the various fields. This is pretty much how it works in Unbounce and Zapier.


@brryant I would love this as well! Would be awesome!

Me too, Zapier rocks…as does Webflow!!

I agree. This would be extremely helpful.

A way to hook Webflow Forms to Zapier would a very nice/helpful feature.


Hi @Jesse, @matthew1818, @krzysiek, we just released Zapier support, check it out!