How to pre-filled form based on button clicked?

Hi everyone,

To cut a long story short:
I have created a form that is linked to mailchimp for my website customers. I would now like to make it so that the form is pre-filled with different text, based on the button on the landing page that is clicked by the visitor. To be clearer, I have 5 different buttons on the website and they would ideally pre-fill the same form with 5 different plain texts.

I guess I would need some custom code for that. Unfortunately I am not code-savy which makes it a bit harder for me, but maybe someone has already implemented something like this for their own website.

Looking forward to your help!

You can pre-fill Webflow form with javascript but if mailchimp are iframes it’s not possible.

To make it : create webflow form, prefil them with javascript then connect the form to mailchimp using zapier

Should work.