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How to trigger an email in Mailchimp based on what the user selects in a form?

Hi there webflow community :wave:

I have a site I’m working on for a client that includes a form where we’re trying to automate different email replies based on what the user selects in a dropdown menu in the form. Does anyone know if this is possible?

To explain further, this form is a “Request a Quote” form, and includes the following fields:

  • Full name (short text field)
  • Email Address (short text field)
  • Email (short text field)
  • Annual Credit Card Processing Volume (dropdown menu, 5 options)

What we’re trying to do is based on which option in the dropdown menu the user chooses, an email from Mailchimp will automatically be sent to the user. We have 5 different possible emails that could be sent out, and the one the user will receive will depend on their dropdown menu choice. Wondering if this can be done in Webflow with webflow forms? Or might I have to integrate a Mailchimp form right into the website as shown here?

Thanks so much in advance!