Pre-filling forms on a separate page with data captured from CMS Item that was clicked

Need some help with a tricky one! I have a database full of jobs that are available and you can either click ‘Learn More’ or ‘Apply’ – I’d love when you click ‘Apply’ that you’d be directed to a new page with an application form on it (built-in Webflow form), with certain fields in that application form already pre-filled with data from the CMS item they clicked through from.

I’ve seen versions of this working on Webflow, so I know it’s possible – but just can figure it out.
There is some extra functionality I’ll need to apply once I get the basics working, but thought I’d start here.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hi Ethan,

If you direct folks, after that button click, to a CMS template page, you can gain access to the CMS item. To pre-populate the form you’ll need to do that with a bit of custom Javascript.

You can use the “add field” option to expose it to your JS then have the JS bind it to your form field.

Something along the lines of (pseudocode)…

let nameField = document.getElementById('name-field')
nameField.value = "<the added field from your CMS>"

You’ll find that add field option in the custom code pane on CMS template pages.