How to migrate webflow site to Cpanel?

Hello, I have a client that wants to migrate website from webflow to another host with Cpanel since he already paid it. My question is how can i transfer site there, im pretty new to weblflow, i only wtched a course and started working few months ago. I know that i can buy a worspace plan so i can export code, but what then? What do i do with code and also some features won’t work and i dont understand what which features exactly.

Any help would mean a lot to me, Thanks in advace.

Also here’s a read only link: Webflow - Restoran Lider

Exporting gives you static page HTML and CSS, and the basic functionality provided by webflow.js such as slider, tabs, interactions, dropdown menus.

When you export you do NOT get;

  • Anything CMS related including collection list content or pages, these just aren’t exported
  • Forms handlers, you need to provide your own
  • Dynamic sitemap generation
  • Hosted features like ECommerce, Memberships, or Logic

In short, if your site is a very simple, Basic-plan site, you can export it and host it pretty much anywhere.

If you are using the CMS, you will need to find a separate way to export and host that content.

Webflow provide export facility of website, Use this this facility to transfer that website to CPanel.
Note that after export you will not be able to make changes in your website via Webflow.