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Exporting site to WordPress cPanel

Hi all,

I’m totally new to Webflow, and this is my first client ever. I built her site using a Webflow template, and have been hosting it on Webflow but she’s decided it’s too expensive and has moved to another provider, one who uses cPanel
I’m faces with the challenge of exporting the code and uploading it to cPanel via FTP. Does anyone know how I do that? Will the exported code include the real estate listings in her Collections or do I need to export that separately? And if so, once I’ve uploaded the site pages etc vi FTP how do upload the Collection pages (ie real estate listings)?

Will I need to do something else to export the Images and downloadable files on her site once it’s on WordPress/cPanel?

What’s the difference between uploading the exported code via the WP dashboard Vs FTP?

I’ve also tried using the WP Webflow pages plugin but it only shows/allows me to show the homepage or one page at a time, and not the Collection pages…

Please help. I’m so confused. If you can share links to videos or any tips that would be great.

Did you create a new site to replace the Wordpress site completely?

In cPanel? I just did, had to install it manually.