I'm not sure about the subscription implications

Hi there!

I tried Webflow and just hit the 2-page limit. I really like it.

Webflow, not the limit, of course.

I’m not a professional web designer at all, but I’d really like to use Webflow to create a simple website for my business.

I was browsing the plan and I’m not sure I understand this…

Although I’d probably use Webflow to design my site… meh let’s say for a good 30 hours of suboptimal work (I’m noob) to create something very simple but totally satisfying to me, and then be done with it, (sure some tweaks here and there and maintenance tasks I guess) I will have to pay monthly for all eternity as long as my website will be published?

And then I’ll have to pay for hosting separately?

Are other web-design platforms/services also like that?

If I seem conspicuously awestruck and irreverent of a maybe common practice, like a poor ignorant newborn baby would be, it is because I am one.

Please educate me.

You only need to pay the site hosting plan for your published site. That will give you full access to the full set of capabilities, even on a free starter workspace.

Workspaces are primarily for freelancers and agencies who are building multiple sites, or who have multiple users needing access.

Do I have to use Webflow hosting service?
Or I can link free work space to a hosted domain and it’ll let me create more page?

If you want your site hosted under a custom domain like guillaume.fr, you either need to add a paid hosting plan to your site, or you could have a paid workspace, export your site’s HTML, and figure out how to host it on another service.

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Alright. Thank you for your answers!