How to make text responsive in Flip Box

Hello Friends! Need help here if anyone has the time. I built some flip boxes and am having trouble with making them responsive. I have put them in grids and taken them out, I have tried renaming and removing the Class and changing their Class. I made one and then copied and pasted it (which looks like the thing to do in the videos), but with that they behave like conjoined twins instead of just siblings. I was able to change the background colors and resize elements, but when I get to the text I’m lost. Cannot make it happen. Also, a smaller issue is the sputter upon Hover, it’s not a clean turn, at least on my computer. Anyway, thank you in advance if anyone can quickly identify where I’ve gone wrong. I’m embarrassed to show my Class list which is pretty messy at this point! :slight_smile: Connie.

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