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Responsive Text in Div Boxes

Hi, so I am very new to webflow, I do some design for fun (not my main profession) but until now I only used simple web designer (WIX) but my 10 year old daughter turned be onto webflow a week ago and I got fascinated with the possibility as well as with the community. I started to design a new website for one of my businesses and I think it is going pretty well, but I am having an issue with several things… most likely it is due to my general lack of knowledge and experience with webflow, so hence I am here asking for help and advice…

so if you look at the public link I have provided, it has what I have done thus far - I have combined a bunch of things I found in the community and various tutorials, but the issue is this:

  1. I have these swipe animations for text boxes that can later unfold, but when I test it with narrower screens the text and the divboxes do not scale to fit and things go out of bounds… is there something I can do so that all the elements that I use scale dynamically according to the device?

  2. when I want to add new elements, I copy one one of the existing ones but then I have to go into it and for each single item I have to turn it into a combo class (or duplicate and rename) so that I can change style each element individually - but this is quite cumbersome - is there a way to copy an item so that it is automatically unique?

Thanks in advance - and I am super excited to work with this product - the possibilities are mind-boggling!

Here is my public share link:
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