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How to make inputs disabled?

I need to make an input disabled until the form is filled out. Not sure where I can add that attribute…?

@cjroe How do you mean “until the form is filled out” ? Are there n-number of previous inputs that must have a value before a different input is enabled? Or is it just 1 previous input that needs to have a value before a different input is enabled?

Yeah, 3 total fields. 2 are standard input forms fields. Another on is actually an upload button that will most likely trigger an event when the item has been successfully uploaded. I’d like to keep a simple stack that validates when all fields are filled out successfully and then enable the button for submission.

@cjroe gotcha. I don’t know if this can be done natively in Webflow, but you can definitely do it with some custom code. If you’d like I’d be happy to help if you can share your site’s read only link and let me know what page/section the form is on.

I think this pen pretty much solves it:

That’s strange that Webflow doesn’t support it natively. Ideally we can just set the attributes dynamically.

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It turns out I can’t even add the attribute.

@cjroe that’s correct, Webflow doesn’t let you add certain attributes natively. However, with custom code you can definitely do it (like you showed with the codepen link)

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