Disable/enable a submit button until selection is made

Hi all,

Is there a way to enable the submit button after required dropdown form-field is selected in the list. I am trying to achieve this for webflow ecommerce.

So basically the “add to cart” button will be actively disabled up till a selection has been made in the size variant form-field, then the" add to cart button" will be enabled.

How do you disable submit button until form is filled?

  1. (function() {
  2. $(’ form > input’). keyup(function() {
  3. var empty = false;
  4. $(’ form > input’). each(function() {
  5. if ($(this). val() == ‘’) {
  6. empty = true;
  7. }
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Thanks for the response, i am looking to achieve something similar but with a dropdown selection.
please see example of what i am trying to achieve below.

Hi, I am just piggy-backing on this thread to say that I am trying to do the same thing. Here’s what I think the original poster and I are both trying to do:

Disable the add to cart button until a product variant option is selected. The product variant options are set up in the collection cms.

I have looked under the Conditional Visibility formatting tool, and I am not seeing an option. I would expect to see something like this:

Element (add to cart button in the case) is visible (enabled?)…
when: Collection Option
is: “Set” or “Selected”

Any ideas?

Can you add more Webflow specific context on this? I don’t know what to do with this. Thanks!

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